MindfulnessAre you curious about mindfulness and what mindfulness can do for you? You may have read an article or heard someone talk about the benefits of a mindfulness practice. This increased interest in mindfulness is due to the amount of positive results for common complaints from back aches to stress in well conducted and repeated research.

There is more than one way to learn to live more mindfully. Insight Meditation is the form of mindfulness instruction Sophia offers. Her certification (still in process) comes from the Mindfulness Awareness Research Center at UCLA. This specialized program prepares her to skillfully introduce you to the silent language of mindfulness. Based on an ancient Buddhists tradition mindfulness easily translates to a secular practice and does not require you change your beliefs or faith. Sophia finds Insight meditation the most practical form of meditation experienced 30 years of practicing various forms of meditation. It is a simple practice that cultivates a life of increased happiness, improved immune functioning, more satisfying relationships, less pain and improved concentration.


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