A to Z

Welcome! If you are interested in becoming a client in my clinical or mindfulness coaching practice I would like to tell you a little about getting started. My practice is a limited practice which means I chose to see fewer clients in order to provide you with the highest quality possible. In a warm and attractive home like setting you can settle in and allow yourself to open, listen deeply and discover what has been waiting to be heard and known – your inner truth, health and beauty. Upon arriving you can turn off your cell phone and take refuge here in order to emerge centered and able to respond with an open heart and a clear mind.

If you plan to use your insurance benefits for clinical counseling services, please call to collect information regarding your plan. You will need to know about your deductible, co-pay and if I am in network or out of network provider. Knowing your benefits will help in treatment planning and focus on counseling. Using insurance requires a diagnosis something you may wish to consider if you are concerned about privacy.


* It is important for all clients to know I share my office with a couple of cats who tend to hide or sleep most of the time. They are rarely therapeutic!

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